Cast Member Evaluation

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Begin Evaluation
I feel that I was adequately trained and prepared for my first party/event.
I feel that the costumes are properly cleaned and pressed before every event.
I feel that the wigs are properly reset before every party/event.
I feel that the party bags always have the necessary materials for my party/event.
I feel that the managers always go above and beyond to make sure I'm prepared for my party/event.
I feel that If I have an issue with anything, I feel comfortable going directly to Brooke about it.
I feel like the Project Princess does a good job of distributing bookings in a fair and reasonable manner based on availability, casting order, and reliability.
I feel that I am given a reasonable amount of bookings based on my availability and casting order.
I feel that the current system for distributing bookings is fair.
I feel like I have a good personal relationship with the company managers.
I feel like I am fairly compensated for the work performed.
I feel that the managers maintain a level of professionalism in daily interactions.
I feel that the company overall is well organized.
Would you recommend working with Project Princess to a friend?